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Caroline Andrus - 'Peace in Flames' and 'Summer of Peace'
Lisa Ann - 'Peace and Harmony'
Jenn Braddock - 'Accepting Peace'
Punam Farmah - 'Retreating to Peace'
L. C. Fenton - 'What Peace Remains'
Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson - 'The Philosophy of Peace'
Krysi Foster - 'Love in Peace'
Sandra Hurst - 'Peace Out'
Gabriela Lizette - 'Beautiful MasterPeace'
Cassie May - 'A Haven in Peace'
S. H. Pratt - 'Reclaiming Peace' & 'Seeking Peace'
S. Jackson Rivera - 'Peace in the Storm'
Tee Smith - 'A Dusty Road to Peace'
Jeanetta Sneed - 'Peace and Comfort'
A. H. Stagg - 'Songs of Peace'
Rachel Walter - 'Peace of Work'