a haven in peace by cassie may

a haven in peace by cassie may

Fall 2013
A Haven in Peace
♥ Laynee & Gavin ♥

Ten years after being forced to leave Peace on her graduation day, Laynee Bradshaw is now forced to come back. The events that led to her comeback have shattered her heart and left her with responsibilities she is not sure she can shoulder alone. Thankfully, moving back to Peace is not as hard as she thought it would be and her emergency net is still intact.

What she hadn’t counted on was the whirlwind her life would become with moving back. Will she be able to find a haven in Peace?

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About The Author

Cassie May: Born and bred in Germany, Cassie started reading at a very young age. Evolving around a never ending stream of books she started to write her own stories on a college block. Later on she switched to computers and a lot of unfinished stories are still waiting there for her.

Since discovering the vast variety of the indie community, the voices in her head started to speak to her in English and were more insistent on getting their stories told. Finally, in August 2016, Cassie took the huge step and published her first book, “Captured Hearts”.

When she is not writing books or reading, Cassie can be found on the rugby pitch. She plays Seven’s rugby and sometimes even Rugby Union. Other than that she likes to cook and meet her friends. Typical introvert, she likes to stay in and do something relaxing like wellness or sauna in her free time. Cassie is a family girl and loves meeting and celebrating with her family, even though they get on her nerves from time to time.

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