Peace and Harmony by Lisa Ann

Beautiful MasterPeace by Gabriela Lizette

Summer 2017
Beautiful MasterPeace
♥ Vicki & Cal ♥

Being a stylist for the rich and famous is a dream come true for Victoria Robles. A lively gal from Texas, she finds herself touring across the States with the best names in Country music. But after a shameful truth sends Vicki into hiding, she lands in Peace, Montana, the quaint little town she remembers from one of her touring trips through the state. A lot has changed since her last visit, but she hopes the people are still friendly enough to welcome her among them.

That is until she collides with Calbert Miller and he immediately assumes she's nothing but trouble. At every corner, Cal and Vicki exchange heated, unpleasant words. To make matters worse, he discovers the truth she has been fleeing.

What will Vicki have to do to overcome the humiliation? Will she be able to convince the man who looks at her with complete disgust one minute—and fierce desire the next—that she’s not a trollop? Will she find her peace in Peace, Montana?

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About The Author

Gabby is a paralegal by day and a freelance editor by night. She's an avid reader, a lover of cats, and a new mommy. She lives with her amazing husband, her baby girl and her two crazy kitties in the suburbs of Houston. After her daughter was born, she took an indefinite hiatus from her career as a paralegal to be a stay-at-home mommy. She now hopes to finally publish those stories she’s been hoarding for a while. Gabby is also the co-host of All The Books Author Event in Houston, which launched its first signing in September 2017.

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