Peace and Comfort by Jeanetta Sneed

peace and comfort by jeanetta sneed

August 2017
Peace and Comfort
♥ Kayley & Carter ♥

Kayley White wants to start a new life, one where nobody knows her or her daughter, Chelsea. The small town of Peace, Montana offers exactly what she needs and more - the perfect opportunity to follow her dream of owning a veterinary clinic. When Carter Armstrong comes knocking at her door, she's more than blessed to have help stretching her tight budget.

Unfortunately, Carter is exactly the kind of man she should avoid, and Kayley refuses to get involved with him on any other level. But as long days turn into even longer nights, the two spend increasingly more time together. While they make her dreams a reality, Carter begins to grow on her.

Is Kayley's resolve strong enough to stay away from him, or will she eventually give in?

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About The Author

Jeanetta Tarver decided to chase this crazy dream of writing in July 2016. Her first novel is in the process of being published – A beautiful Escape. She writes contemporary romance that’s anything but typical. Anywhere she goes, her laptop can be seen in her hand. If she’s not writing, she’s working at her day to day job as a pharmacy technician or spending time with her children (dogs) and husband.

Though her books are fiction, she does like to incorporate things other have said or done that left an impact on her to make it more realistic. Portraying her personality is important as well. When she has free time, Jeanetta still loves to curl up with a good book and enjoy getting lost in the fantasy world.

She is surrounded by many more than loving family members and friends who keeps her sane during the whole process and everything that goes into writing and getting your work out there.

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