Peace in Flames by Caroline Andrus

accepting peace by jenn braddock

Summer 2018
Accepting Peace
♥ Megan & Wade ♥

Megan Dawson never dreamed she’d be pregnant at seventeen, married at eighteen, and the mother of four by the time she was twenty-four. But when Luke Wittner, took a shine to her nothing else in the world mattered. Luke promised her the world and they didn’t have much, but they had each other, and life in Peace was good--until it wasn’t. When Luke began drinking and taking his frustrations out on Megan, he turned into a man Megan no longer loved or wanted. But, with no job, no family, and no way to support her children, Megan stayed—until Luke left.

When the fire department responds to a call one morning, firefighter Wade Vincent is drawn to Megan and her four young children. Although he could see she was struggling and wary of men, something about Megan touched Wade’s heart. Instinctively, he knew he needed Megan in his life, but more importantly, he knew she needed him. Slowly, working to gain her trust, Wade began to chip away at the wall around Megan’s heart.

Megan didn’t know if she could ever trust again, much less fall in love, but with Wade’s calming presence in her life, she found herself looking forward to their visits. Just when Megan thought she might be ready to move on, Wade stopped calling, stopped coming by, and she feared it had all been too good to be true. Life had taught Megan the hardest lessons, but one chance encounter and news of a devastating fire make her question the truth of those lessons. Now, Megan must face the fire that would either destroy her faith or ignite the ember that would sustain her for life.

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About The Author

Jenn Braddock is an author of contemporary romance. She live in Minnesota with her husband, two daughters, two cats and two dogs. Flowers for Marta is her first published work, and she have several other novels in the works.

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