Each story of Peace is a stand-alone novella, however they are released in chronological order. Some stories may allude to events that occurred in previous books. It is recommended that they be read in order, however that is not required to enjoy each story of Peace.

Suggested reading order:
Books are listed in order of release with the most recent at the top. We suggest you start at the bottom and work your way up.


cover reveal

Christmas 2018
Peace Out
♥ Cyn & Jericho ♥
peace out by sandra hurst

Winter 2018
Peace of Work
♥ Brand & Lani ♥
peace of work by rachel walter

Summer 2018
Summer of Peace
♥ JoJo & Matt ♥
summer of peace by caroline andrus

Summer 2018
Peace in the Storm
♥ Jay & Gilligan ♥
peace in the storm by s. jackson rivera

Summer 2018
A Dusty Road to Peace
♥ Clancy & Bailey ♥
a dusty road to peace by tee smith

Summer 2018
Accepting Peace
♥ Megan & Wade ♥
accepting peace by jenn braddock

Fall 2017
Peace in Flames
♥ Valerie & Liam ♥
peace in flames by caroline andrus

August 2017
Peace and Comfort
♥ Kayley & Carter ♥
peace and comfort by jeanetta sneed

July 2017
The Philosophy of Peace
♥ Devan & Aditi ♥
retreating to peace by punam farmah

July 2017
Beautiful MasterPeace
♥ Vicki & Cal ♥
beautiful masterpeace by gabriela lizette

July 2017
The Philosophy of Peace
♥ Lauren & Jared ♥
the philosophy of peace by jennifer fisch-ferguson

Summer 2017
Peace and Harmony
♥ Lynn & Todd ♥
peace and harmony by lisa ann

April 2017
A Haven in Peace
♥ Laynee & Gavin ♥
a haven in peace by cassie may

Summer 2016
Seeking Peace
♥ Kyle & Stella ♥
reclaiming peace by s. h. pratt

May 2016
Reclaiming Peace
♥ Dexie & Dray ♥
reclaiming peace by s. h. pratt

Winter 2014
What Peace Remains
♥ Maggie & John ♥
love in peace by krysi foster

Fall 2013
Love in Peace
♥ Jim & Gary ♥
love in peace by krysi foster

Songs of Peace
♥ Annabeth & Jolon ♥
songs of peace by a. h. stagg